East Bay Traditional Jazz Society


America’s MUSIC!

Educate our youth,

Introduce this genre of JAZZ to our local communities,

Provide opportunities for musicians of all ages to learn/play traditional JAZZ,

Provides school age student/musician (4th-12th grade) an opportunity to learn and play traditional Jazz,

Provide more opportunities for listeners/dancers to enjoy our American Treasure.

* Traditional Jazz is America’s own music with it’s own storied history.

* This non-profit organization (East Bay Traditional Jazz Society) has been successful over the last 20 years. Through our festival fundraisers we have accomplished several youth jazz programs:

    • Spring School Jazz Fest – Coordinated with local school calendars – (2001 through 2014)
    • Scholarships to jazz camp (over $38,745.00 in 14 years/63 youth musicians)
    • In-school jazz presentations – if your elementary school would like us to present Traditional Jazz to your group – please contact us; The Society will pay 1/2 of the presentation.
    • Community youth jazz band (The Jazzinators began in the fall of 2004)
    • Our Annual Youth Traditional Jazz Festival (scheduled for last Saturday in January) began January of 2007.

We have learned that when we bring OKOM (Our Kind Of Music) to where people congregate, it not only benefits the community, but also our student musicians.

                          * We hope you follow us (& participate too) on our website and join us at many community events to support the educational benefits of our programs!

If interested in joining either our 501c3 or the Jazzinators? 

Important contact numbers/addresses

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