Memorial Fund

East Bay Traditional Jazz Society

Memorial Fund

– In Memorium –

– recently passed on –
Nick Silvestri & Pat Silva
– also remembering –
Art Cesena  Ed Connor  bullet Charles (Chuck) Dillenbeck bullet Dick Farr bullet Bruce Goedde bullet Jean Grant bullet Bette Holmes bullet Bill Lanam bullet Shirley LaFond bullet David Lane bullet Barrie Luttge bullet (Mac) MacDonald bullet Hal/Joan Needham bullet Alice Scheelar bullet Hank Silva bullet Lou Silva bullet Els Simpson bullet Sheryl Smith bullet Irene Soulis bullet Clyde Voorhees


A memorial scholarship fund has been established. Your donations in the name of absent friends and relatives will honor their memories, and help instruct younger players in traditional jazz.

Anyone wishing to make a donation may contact our treasurer, John Ratto, at (510) 337-9425.

The fund will grant scholarships to help young musicians in the east bay area increase their proficiency in playing Dixieland jazz.

For more information, contact John Soulis, (510) 657-0243, email

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