Youth Scholarships

Applications for Music Lessons Awards Now Open

SacJEF is now accepting applications for $500 awards for private music lessons. To be eligible for an award, applicants must be enrolled in elementary through high school and have at least one year of experience playing an instrument or singing, and be enrolled in a school or community music program. Applications can be made online at

Deadline to submit applications is October 15, 2023.

EBTJS Youth Musician Scholarships

EBTJS maintains a fund to grant scholarships to young musicians in the east bay area who want to study Dixieland jazz.

To qualify for these scholarships, a young musician must:

1. Be able to read music and understand nomenclature,
2. know and understand their instrument of choice (this include maintenance and cleaning),
3. attend a minimum of 80% of rehearsal and performances (out of a possible 100 points),
4. select a jazz camp of their choice (usually Sacramento Jazz Camp, Sly Park),
5. After attending the camp, each student will commit to one more year of Jazzinator performance/rehearsal.

We have now spent $41,535 on scholarships to jazz camps.Student musicians who work with us can use their playing/performance time for community service hours toward graduation.

For more information, contact John Soulis, (510) 657-0243, email

Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation Instrument Match

Need an Instrument?

Requests for instruments are welcomed from students, families, or music instructors, including school instructors and private educators.  Please click the Instrument Request button and fill out the form. A SacJEF representative will contact with you within a few days of submission.


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