Youth Scholarships

EBTJS maintains a fund to grant scholarships to young musicians in the east bay area who want to study Dixieland jazz.

To qualify for these scholarships, a young musician must:

1. be able to read music and understand nomenclature,
2. know and understand their instrument of choice (this include maintenance and cleaning),
3. attend a minimum of 80% of rehearsal and performances (out of a possible 100 points),
4. select a jazz camp of their choice (usually Sacramento Jazz Camp, Sly Park),
5. After attending the camp, each student will commit to one more year of Jazzinator performance/rehearsal.

We have now spent $41,535 on scholarships to jazz camps.Student musicians who work with us can use their playing/performance time for community service hours toward graduation.

For more information, contact John Soulis, (510) 657-0243, email

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