The music called Jazz was born sometime around 1895 in New Orleans.

Sound Clips – Here is a clip from 1917 of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band playing Dixie Jazz Band One?Step:
And here is another clip of them playing Margie recorded in 1920:

Here are some insights about Traditional  Jazz (links open in separate window/tab):


Recognize that there’s nothing wrong with considering intercourse

Searching to exert some control of your ideas? Here are a few guidelines and gu


It is totally normal, and everybody does it. Biologically talking, it really is close to impractical to stop contemplating intercourse entirely, as your human body instinctively drives to replicate. Nevertheless, it is easy for that urge to become a lot more like background noise while you undergo your everyday activity.

Understand your causes

Sex isn’t constantly the topic that gets you contemplating intercourse. More

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