Youth Scholarship Application Form


Address _______________________________________________
City ____________________  State ____  Zip _________________
Telephone ____________________  Email ___________________
Age ________  Grade in School ____________________________

1.  What instrument do you play?

2.  How long have you been playing?

3.  Can you sight-read music?    Yes ___   No ___

4.  Are you currently taking music lessons?   Yes ___  No ___
     If yes, who is your teacher? _________________________________

5.  How much time do you spend practicing each day? _______________

6.  Do you play with a group?  Yes ___  No ___  If yes, describe:

7.  How important is music, compared to other things you like to do?  Explain.

8.  Would you feel comfortable auditioning for our committee, perhaps by sitting 
    in with the Mission Gold Jazz Band?  Yes ____   No _____

9   If you are given the grant, which would you prefer to do?
    a.  Attend jazz band camp ______  
           (Is transportation to and from the camp is available to you?  Yes _______  No ________)
    b.  Receive special tutoring _____

10.  Please enclose a letter of recommendation from a music teacher, band director, or other 
     non-relative who is able to give an evaluation of your musical skills and dedication.

Thank you for your interest in an EBTJS Youth Jazz Grant.  You will be hearing from us shortly.
Sharon Hicks
Secretary, EBTJS

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